The Sheer Joy Project

The Sheer Joy Project

This is my quest to photograph people doing the things they love most. 

I'm so excited about kicking off this project! 

What is it that sparks sheer joy in you? Are you a dressmaker, paraglider, hiker or potter? Do you keep bees, gerbils, or boa constrictors? Do you like to sit quietly with the sun on your face, or read stories to your children? Do you collect stamps, bake cakes or renovate old cars?

I would love to photograph you doing the thing that you love, and present you with the images, free of charge.

Each month I will select (at least) one person to visit and photograph. All I ask is that you let me in to your world for a couple of hours with my camera (and give me permission to use the images in my portfolio).

What's In it for you? 

I will present you with the photographs from your session, free of charge. You can do what you like with them: share them with your friends on social media, put them in an album, send them out with your Christmas cards, have them printed and framed, pass them to your family as an heirloom (who wouldn't want to remember you doing the thing you loved?). I'm hoping you will look at them and smile, and feel proud of yourself for doing the thing you love.

What's in it for me?

I have always been fascinated with my friends' diverse interests and hobbies and take delight in the way they 'light up' when they talk about their own particular passions. I think that in a world that is becoming increasingly more detached from reality, it will be incredibly rewarding to capture some genuine enthusiasm and positive emotion...people doing things just for the sheer joy of it.  Plus I'm very nosy and I want to walk in your shoes for a while...and get some fantastic photos for my portfolio to boot.

Experiences, not things, are the key to happiness, and I'm hoping this shared experience between photographer and subject will be mutually beneficial and fun!

How do you get involved?

Fill in form below to give me some information and I'll be in touch if you're selected for a shoot. I can't promise to get around to everyone, but I'll do my best to capture as many as I can.

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